• 3D Modeling, 3D Scanning, and 3D Printing.

  • UV Mapping, Texturing, Displacement, & Normal Maps

  • ​Rigging, Animating, and Motion Capture.

Motion Graphics & Effects 

  • Special Effects, Compositing, and Video Editing.

​Print Media:

  • Logo Design + Business Cards

  • Brochures + Flyers

  • Photo Retouching

  • T-shirt Design


Program Knowledge:


2D: Photoshop. Illustrator, sketchbook.


3D: Lightwave, Zbrush, Modo, iPisoft, JimmyRig, Skanect, ReconstructMe.


Video: Premiere, Final Cut Pro, After Effects.


Audio: Cubase, FL Studios, Sound Forge, Audacity.




New Works

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